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Trusting The Boss
Mallory Crowe
Tempting The Boss
Mallory Crowe
Teasing The Boss
Mallory Crowe
Perfectly Innocent
Tamra Lassiter

A Change for the Good

A Change for the Good - Melanie Jayne I give this a 3.5 Stars... Overall this is a good story. The writing was good and the story keeps moving but at times I couldn't really connect to the characters the chemistry was there between the two but it didn't seem real. Certain information didn't add up and wasn't explained clearly and the ending was sudden and just stopped.

The Hotel 2

The Hotel 2 - Lola Darling Need More... Panting.. Want More Now!!!

Mine (Imperfect Chaos #1)

Mine (Imperfect Chaos #1) - Marie York Very good!!

The Scene

The Scene - Roxy Sloane Roxy never fails to give you steamy, sexy and just a damn good story.

Gaming the System

Gaming the System - Laura K. Curtis How does a fake romance turn real. I like this book, it was fun watching opposites attract and fall in love. Kai and Luke keep you laughing in this truly funny tale.

Forever (Tryst, #4)

Forever (Tryst, #4) - Marie York Great ending to the series.

Lie to You

Lie to You - J.C. Valentine Rev to come

Her Confessional #2: Our Little Secret

Her Confessional #2: Our Little Secret - Rebecca Norinne Caudill Great Read


Toxic - Kim Karr Rev to come shortly

The Hotel

The Hotel - Lola Darling Holy Hot Amazeballs.... Beware really good hot sex in this book. Dom is definitely going on my book boyfriend list.

Drive Me Wild

Drive Me Wild - Shari Slade Shari does not disappoint at all.. This serial is good and keeps you wanting more.

Beneath These Chains

Beneath These Chains - Meghan March This is Lord and Elle's story.. Those two are combustible in a good sexy way. Great read and can be read as a standalone.

Beautiful Little Fool

Beautiful Little Fool - K.K. Hendin I give this one a 3.5 the characters were a bit over the top and unbelievable and the story kind of bounced around a bit too much for my taste.

More Than Water

More Than Water - Renee Ericson This is such a beautiful story. Two people are the same but completely different and the attraction becomes friendship and the friendship becomes love. Renee makes us travel the journey with Foster and EJ and as they grow into their love for each other, the more you grow to love these two. Definitely on my list of my all time favorites.

When You Are Mine

When You Are Mine - Kennedy Ryan Following your heart or doing the right thing what does one do. Beautiful story about choices. the romantic attraction between Kerris and Walsh is great and you are definitely pulled in the continue with the series.


Slipperless - Sloan Storm Wow.. Thank goodness I don't have to wait long for the next installment because well that just left me panting for more.. Good hot sex. yum