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Perfectly Innocent
Tamra Lassiter

For the Win

For the Win - Brenna Aubrey Didn't think coming into the 4th book in the series would work but it totally does. Jordan and April have great chemistry. Definitely want to go back and read the first 3 books.


Deacon - Cheryl Douglas I really like this book even though I wanted to slap Mia so many times. Deacon was all kinds of hotness until his secret was revealed. Best part we get to have more of the Starkis family as this is a series but can be read as a standalone... so no cliffhangers.

Rules of Payne

Rules of Payne - Elizabeth Lynx, Silvia Curry There is that awkward time when you are on the treadmill reading your book and laugh so hard that you stumble off and bust your ass and that was me reading this book. I thoroughly loved reading this and excited for the next installment. Morgana and Henrik have that chemistry that if full of banter and heat.

Blue Genes #1 (The Story of Us Series: Into the Blue)

Blue Genes #1 (The Story of Us Series: Into the Blue) - Sydney Jamesson I read this book and couldn't get enough. Ayden and Beth story continues and is just as beautiful and loving as the previous trilogy. This epic tale goes on and is just breath-taking and makes you want to love more. It is the perfect blend of good sex and better love.


Choices - J.L. McFadden It was enjoyable quick read

Break Me In

Break Me In - Shari Slade Great writing next installment please ;-) Hot Hot Hot!!!


Curveball - Teresa Michaels Wow.. Just Wow. I am amazingly surprised about this find. Teresa takes us into this tale and you become completely enveloped in it. Adventure, fun, great sexual tension and good suspense. Please please please pick up this book because it is good. The second book Rundown comes out next month and I can't wait.

MERMEN (The Mermen Trilogy Book 1)

MERMEN (The Mermen Trilogy Book 1) - Mimi Jean Pamfiloff I have always been a vampire romance girl but damn these Merman might change my mind. These mermen are hot, sexy and dangerous and I have been taken away by this tale. While the story is fantasy it keeps us enough in reality to work for me. Roen Doran is sultry and hot and I love that Liv while confused about the situation keeps her wits about her and keeps my attention as a great heroine.

Insatiable, Part 2

Insatiable, Part 2 - J.D. Hawkins Great job. I am waiting what comes next from JD. ;-)

Her Confessional: The Making of a Star (Confessional #1)

Her Confessional: The Making of a Star (Confessional #1) - Rebecca N. Caudill I am always a fan of a big girl love story. Had a great time reading this and I am very excited about what comes next. Good job.

Playing Dirty

Playing Dirty - C.L. Parker Wholy cow... Didn't see that one coming. This at first started off a bit slow for me but wow the finish was good and fyi there is a cliffhanger for the next book but so freaking worth it. Bring it C.L we are waiting.

Broken Juliet

Broken Juliet - Leisa Rayven Review coming soon.. got to get over my book hangover first

Then (Tryst, #1)

Then (Tryst, #1) - Marie York Next Installment Need it now


Insatiable - J.D.  Hawkins What the heck? First book??
I highly doubt it he has to have books hiding in the closet somewhere cause this was good. The chemistry, the writing, the flow of the characters everything works in this book. If this one is this good then hell book two will be a home-run.

Ride Me Hard

Ride Me Hard - Shari Slade Hot Biker Romance Story

Wait one damn minute I just got blind-sided by a hot sexy ass biker named Noah who seems to have more going on then just that bad ass attitude. Noah and Star’s story is just starting with this book one and since the writing is excellent this continuing story will be well worth the wait.


Hard - Eve Jagger 4 Sexy Bastard Stars

Ryder Cole is one Sexy Bastard!! Ex-Fighter donned in a business suit bringing all kinds of sexy hotness.. Dirty mouth that delivers on his promises. Next installment will be even hotter. Good job Eve.